“Are you really playing that...?”

That’s what a student asked Jon when he launched into a wild guitar solo on a recent school visit. So if Jon rocked out when he came to your school, rest assured that he really is a wiz with an axe! And for any doubters, here’s his band in action in a recent Dartmouth College production of Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Many students ask about the unusual guitar Jon brings on school visits. It’s a Gibson Les Paul double cut - but you won’t find another one like it.  

He first imagined it as an illustration for  the Plague Rats gig in The End of The World Club. But after he’d drawn it, he liked it so much that he went out and bought the same guitar and customized it to match the illustration!

We have to travel light for school visits, so Jon also designed and made this homemade road case. It crams in a 6 channel Yamaha PA, two Shure wireless mics and a Line-6 pocket pod. The Line-6 doesn’t quite have the tone of his favorite Marshall amp, but it’s a lot lighter and it does the job!

About the guitar:

The guitar illustration from Book 2