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Digging Deeper

Free lesson plans for Grades 6-8

Digging Deeper, is a collection of  teachers’ resources and lesson plans, designed to bring alive the Maya world for grades 5-9. The lessons feature original, imaginative, cross-curricular ideas for Maya cultural study and cover a wide range of subjects, including Math, Social Studies, Earth Sciences, Debate and Physical Education.  (More subjects under development.)  The CD also includes an illustrated  30 page Teacher’s Guide to the Ancient Maya. Please note that the lesson plans are about the Maya world and life in the rainforest - you do not need to read ‘The Jaguar Stones Trilogy’ to use them.

If you’re a teacher or a school librarian and you’d like a free copy of the CD, please email your name and school address to: lessonplans@jaguarstones.com.  

Included on the CD is a chapter by chapter discussion guide and Language Arts lesson plan for Middleworld, written by award winning author and former middle school teacher Kate Messner. You can download this CCSS aligned lesson plan by clicking here.

Download a collection of ideas & lesson plans to help create a Maya unit here. You’ll find more free Maya lessons plan on our links page here.

“The entire packets of lessons are standards-based, have essential questions, and provide all of the details teachers need to implement the lessons into the classrooms.  It is an amazing resource for classroom teachers at the middle level.”

Carol Renca, Librarian

Edmunds Middle School, Burlington, VT

“The lesson plans are incredible, who ever did them did an amazing job. The 7th grade humanities teacher used one of the lessons with her class and the response from the kids was overwhelming.”  

Beverly Lane, Librarian,

The Calhoun School, NY

What teachers have said...



“I'd like to thank you for the outstanding lesson plans.  Rarely do I ever use pre-created activities because they are either too low-level, not relevant to our state standards, or not interesting enough to grab a 7th graders' attention.  This is the first time in my 10 years of teaching that I did not have to "recreate the wheel" for a novel.  I really appreciate that the lessons include many high-level, thought-provoking questions for students as well as questions that are authentic/related to their lives.  These are the types of questions that always keep the students interested in the reading.  I enjoyed watching the kids get excited this week about selecting and writing/drawing their Maya nicknames.”

Alisa Bowling, 7th Grade Teacher

Canarelli Middle School, Las Vegas, NV