3D Projects

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When Jaguar Stones club member Nick did a book project on The River of No Return, he decided to make a mobile. It's such a cool idea, because it let him show all the different strands of the story at once. He even emailed J&P for his Maya birth sign to put in the middle. 

These students made a diorama of the Maya city of Itzamna with figures

representing: Max, Lola, Ah Pukuh, Chan Kan and Lady Coco.

This student crafted a set of dolls based on four characters from our book. Ah Pukuh - a Maya god of death (note eyeballs in headdress); Hermanjilio - a Maya archaeologist; Lady Coco - a howler monkey with culinary talents; Lord Six-Dog - a Maya king with magnificent feather headdress.

Model of El Castillo from Chichen Itza

This student made little closets for the characters and filled them with clothes on tiny hangers. Here are two stylish items from the closet of Ah Pukuh, Maya god of violent and unnatural death.