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We're always thrilled when readers send us pictures or projects inspired by the Jaguar Stones books, but we don't usually get to watch the art being created. That all changed last weekend when we met a Jaguar Stones fan called Sammy in a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. We chatted a little about the books, then Sammy picked up a pen and started drawing. Right in front of our eyes, he sketched Lord 6-Dog as a fierce-looking king with a magnificent Maya nose. Then quick as a flash, he added Max Murphy as a baddie-beating superhero in a Plague Rats shirt. We were blown away by Sammy's skill and speed -not to mention his instant recall of the books! - and we begged him for the finished drawings so we could share them with you.

Thanks so much, Sammy! You're a rocking reader and a great artist!

Art by Sammy

Book Covers by Jack

Thank you to Jack, a Jaguar Stones club member and 5th grader from Michigan, for these amazing jacket illustrations. On THE RIVER OF NO RETURN, we love the shading on the tentacles and the big green eye and Max's expression and the way his red hair flows in the water. We can totally imagine seeing this cover in a bookstore! Then Jack blew us away by sending a jacket for the as-yet unnamed Book 4 - and we haven't even finished writing it yet! Jack's title XIBALBA TAKES OVER is an excellent guess at the plot, given that the Death Lords now have all five Jaguar Stones. And we love Max's tattered clothes - he's definitely got an exciting tale to tell!

The Temple of Chahk

by Trevor

Bookmarks by Halle & Travis

These are the fabulous winning entries from a Wyoming school's bookmark competition. The class had been reading Middleworld and the student who drew the best bookmark of  Middleworld stood to win a full set of Jaguar Stones books. In the end, the judges couldn't decide between these two finalists and they both received the set of books. Congratulations Halle and Travis! We love them.